Accelerate Your Product Launch with Steinhauser’s Efficient Label Solutions

When launching a new product or refreshing your brand look, time to market can play a crucial role in the product’s success. Without proper planning and coordination, packaging can slow down this process, sometimes taking as long as 9 months with some printers. At Steinhauser, we collaborate with you as a strategic partner in a variety of ways to eliminate common delays and obstacles, producing labels in 8-12 weeks to help you get to market more quickly.

Highly Responsive Project Support

A key part of moving quickly to launch is understanding your project, objectives, specs, and timeline for success. We recognize that every project is different and requires a distinct set of solutions to achieve your end goal. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs upfront so that we can quickly act, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Our years of experience in printing prime pressure-sensitive and shrink labels ensure that we can quickly and efficiently print your brand packaging without compromise.

Rapid Pre-Commercialization Process

As your strategic partner, our team is highly involved with all stakeholders in the initial stages to identify key specs and address potential issues before they happen. We meet with creative team members to streamline design and avoid rework. Our team is available to answer all questions about printing capabilities, specs, and file prep upfront, ensuring labels are designed with printing in mind. We also work closely with the engineering and production teams to understand machine specs, packaging materials, adhesives, label sizing, and tolerances.

Efficient Turnaround Time

Once your label design is ready to print, lead times can cause delays, but not at Steinhauser. We thoroughly review your final art and plates and provide test prints for color and label approval upfront to give you confidence that your new labels will look exactly as expected. Our label lead times are efficient as well, printing in as little as 4 weeks from approved proofs, helping you shorten your time to launch and achieve your market goals.

Shorten Your Time to Market

At Steinhauser, we pride ourselves on being a strategic packaging partner, helping you bring your brand to life and shorten the time it takes to get your product on the shelf. We dive deep to understand your needs upfront, work together to finalize all specs, minimize any obstacles, and deliver labels with short lead times.

Contact us today to accelerate your next product launch.

Leveraging Printing to Create Packaging That Demands Attention On-Shelf


Company Overview: Poo-Pourri has become a household name in the scent market due to their clever formulations for bathroom ‘problems’ and quirky marketing. In the ever-competitive household market – innovation is necessary to catch the consumer’s eye – and new product lines and scents are the name of the game.

Challenge: Develop the most eye catching, glittery, over the top product decoration they have ever done. Never one to back down from a challenge, Steinhauser got to work to develop the vision of their marketing team.

Solution: After evaluation and testing of several complex foils, holographic dot foil was selected but we didn’t stop there. The main color needed something extra — the Poo-Pourri team didn’t just want tactile varnish which would give dimension in hand. They wanted to command more attention to the product. The question was asked – can we add glitter to the tactile? Our answer was – ‘we’ve never done it before but we can try’. After several R&D trials to narrow down the best glitter, density, and thickness – we settled on a holographic silver dot.

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Bringing the Brand Vision of Craftsmanship to Life

Company Overview: Second Sight Spirits is a small distillery in Ludlow, KY that is committed to producing quality small batch spirits. Sons of Joe was a brand born out of friendship with the distillery and local design firm, Neltner Small Batch. NSB is owned and worked by Keith Neltner whose family has owned and worked land in Northern Kentucky for over a century.

Challenge: The distillery wanted to pay tribute to the generations of farmers that grow the corn and also convey the craftsmanship at their distillery and their commitment to quality spirits.

Solution: A full coverage shrink sleeve was chosen to give enough real estate to tell the story of the Neltner family. Tactile varnishes were used on the surface of the sleeve with spot matte varnish to highlight the branding as well as metallic foils on the sub-surface to add dimension.

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Brand Refresh in 6 Weeks from Start to Finish


Company Overview: Hoist is a rapidly growing ready-to-drink hydration beverage. Their growth over the past 7 years has meant interpreting lots of retail feedback as well as marketing changes. In their most recent packaging change, they aligned with their new marketing message of ‘strong enough for the military’ due to recent military contracts.

Challenge: In 6 weeks, update full branding, colors, and convey hydration and strength with design and printing techniques.

Solution: Several ink draw downs were tested to be used in the main Hoist logo – it needed to be shiny but not too much – to give the feeling of gunmetal. Additionally, a spot matte varnish was used to keep the metallic highlighted but also give the product a good feel in hand. And lastly, collaboration between their agency and Steinhauser’s pre-press department resulted in achieving very subtle fine lines overprinted on the background color.

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Beverly International achieves boost in sales and brand recognition after label upgrade


-Establish an eye-catching label that could be produced efficiently, consistently, and economically, in various sizes 

-Achieve recognition and confidence among suppliers as a premium brand

-Switch label type to ease application process

-Dedicate time to the growing packaging demands from their expanding supplements line


-Metallic film substrate was used to give a reflective foil look

-Digital and flexographic printing were utilized to optimize the short and long print runs for various sizes and products

-A dedicated customer service representative was assigned to the account so all details and communications were managed by one person

-Instituted a pricing grid for ease of ordering


-14% growth in sales (2012)

-Increased brand recognition and trust among suppliers and customers

-Better representation of the quality product inside the package

-Speed to market achieved due to set pricing and proactive customer service

-More time for brand owners to focus on core business issues with Steinhauser supporting their packaging needs

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