Company Statement regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

As a supplier of labels for vital consumer packaged goods, Steinhauser has been monitoring COVID-19 closely, with the impact to supply chain in mind. We have taken all precautions to protect our employees and continue to serve our customers who rely on our services to stock retailer shelves with products so desperately needed during this time.

Our suppliers have assured us that they can continue to supply us with materials needed to continue manufacturing labels. We are in constant contact with them and are monitoring the situation closely.

Because we are small, we are agile. At this point, we have no concerns about being able to continue being a reliable link in the supply chain. We also have strong contingency partners. If your pressure sensitive or shrink sleeve label printing business has been impacted by this pandemic and you are beyond your capacity, Steinhauser may be able to help. Consider us as an option for your contingency plan. If we band together, we will get through this.

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Tara Halpin

CEO and Owner